Windows 10 Deployment Workshop

Windows 10 will likely be the last traditional OS deployment for most companies as Microsoft transitions to a more incremental approach.

Getting the basics right will secure a smooth transition to Windows 10 and ensure a solid base for the future channel upgrades.

The Windows 10 Deployment Workshop will guide the decision makers through all relevant design and planning decisions. The outcome will be a concrete design, scope, plan and high level estimation.

The Windows 10 Deployment Workshop is independent and provides tangible output that the company can base the Windows 10 deployment project on.

Workshop scope

Windows 10 Deployment Workshop based on Mindcores standard template. Services include:

  • Preparation

  • Workshop

  • Conclusion and documentation

  • Presentation and preparation for next step

Estimate 5-6 working days including preparation, workshop, report and presentation.


  • Design document based on the deployment workshop template

  • Plan with high level estimation

Windows 10 manualer.jpg