Many companies have done a lot to secure the overall company network, and in doing so, forcing most attacks to be aimed directly at the users. New and updated operating systems contain a good amount of security measures, but which ones do you actually need, where do you start and what will the increased security mean for the daily user and the business in general?

The level of threat that companies and individual users face is constantly changing. Our main focus is always to make security measures easy to use for the individual user and to share our knowledge in the most effective way. Prioritising the possible solutions will always be based on the actual level of security it would provide, as well as price and user experience.

Based on earlier implementations, we have a very clear opinion as to which measures are ready for implementation into a busy company. And we are happy to share our knowledge of the many built-in security measures and to help prioritise these different solutions. 

Contact us here for input on how to improve your security measures, no strings attached.


  • Client Security

  • Server Security

  • Mobile Device Management


  • Security assessment and strategy

  • Secure Client image – UEFI Secure Boot, BitLocker,
    BitLocker to-go, AppLocker, Credential Guard,
    Local Firewall, Antivirus, Virtualization-based Security etc.

  • LAPS - Local Administrator Password Service

  • Windows Hello

  • MFA – Multifactor Authentication and conditional access

  • Azure AD self-service password reset

  • Azure AD Identity Protection

  • Azure Information Protection

  • Privileged Identity Management

  • ATP – Advanced Threat Protection

  • ATA – Advanced Threat Analytics

  • Client security tool monitoring

  • Client/Server OS Patch monitoring

  • Client/Server third party patch monitoring

  • Office 365 Channel and updates monitoring

  • Log Analytics workspaces (OMS)

  • PKI Infrastructure

  • GPO or Intune policies monitoring and control

  • HW Monitoring – BIOS level, BIOS Settings, TPM
    and AMT chips firmware security status, Drivers


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