We live in a constantly changing digital world. We have to be curious and willing to evolve in order to stay relevant for our clients. Through our BEACON initiatives we facilitate networking, creative thinking, and an agile fail-fast approach to co-development with our clients, talented students, and partners.

Co-develop new concepts and
ideas together with our clients

the foundation for structured development of solutions
through mutual interest and


Projects focus on exploring and testing concepts and ideas based on new or updated technologies

Projects are undertaken
together with our clients

Projects are driven in an
agile, fail-fast approach

There is a mutual
willingness to invest

Typically a 2-4 week project with a focused concept and approach

If you are interested in learning more or have ideas for specific projects, please reach out and contact us

lab copy.png

A professional network focused
on expert content and inspiration

The BEACON NETWORK puts knowledge at the core, bringing together like-minded people interested in technology, security, newtech and business-driven IT


Bring together people who truly benefit from each other

Provide insight on practical experience from real life organisational use cases

Engage in deep dives in the realm
of security, infrastructure and Cloud

Engage speakers
from diverse organisations who bring expert knowledge and
practical experience

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more and stay up to date
with future events


Our own LAB for developing cutting-edge concepts and ideas

BEACON LAB is where we open up
to students, freelancers, employees or others with a great idea
that needs support and nurturing
in a tech-savvy environment


Access to our people who have extensive knowledge of tech
and an eye for development

Shared ownership of
developed concepts and ideas

Time-boxed, fail-fast
approach to development

Possibility for access to office
space and a selected tech platforms

Typically a 1-3 month period
with ongoing interactions

Reach out if you have a great
idea and are looking for an
inspiring, supportive environment
to further develop it